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alltagz is your comprehensive solution for downloading content from Instagram online. It's a straightforward process to download Videos, Photos, Stories, Reels, and IGTV content straight from Instagram with our tool.

By accessing, you are introduced to a platform that enables the download of top-tier Instagram content. Whether you're looking to download videos in MP4 format, Reels content, IGTV videos, photos, or Stories, alltagz has you covered. To start the download process, simply insert the specific Instagram link into the input box provided on the alltagz site.

Our Instagram Video Downloader is web browser-based and extends support to download Instagram videos across a variety of devices (PC, Mac, Android, iOS), all without the need for additional software installations."

Reasons to Choose alltagz as Your Instagram Downloader

Understanding Instagram: Instagram, often referred to as IG or Insta, is a popular social networking platform where users engage by sharing a wide range of photos and videos. The free Instagram app, available on iOS and Android, offers various features for editing photos, stories, reels, and videos.

Instagram is a host to millions of new photos and videos uploaded daily. However, Instagram's built-in functionality doesn't permit users to download and locally store this content. For this reason, third-party tools like alltagz Downloader have emerged as the go-to solution for obtaining Instagram content.

Key Functions of alltagz:

  • Instagram Video Download: alltagz enables the download of Instagram videos with high-definition quality, maintaining the integrity of the original video.
  • Instagram Photo Download: The Instagram Photo Downloader function on alltagz provides an effortless process for downloading and saving Instagram images from any post.
  • Instagram Reels Video Download: With, you can download Instagram Reels videos in mp4 format, compatible with a wide array of devices (PC, Mac, Android, iOS).
  • IGTV Video Download: IGTV offers extended video content on Instagram. alltagz supports downloading these IGTV videos to your device for convenient offline viewing, even without a 3G or WiFi connection.
  • Instagram Story Download: Instagram Stories offer a blend of photos and videos that users share with their followers. allows you to download these stories for offline consumption.
  • Private Downloader: This unique feature permits the download of private Instagram content - be it photos, videos, stories, reels, or IGTV - without requiring any additional software installation.

How to download photos and videos on Instagram?

Step 1: Initiate the Instagram app on your phone or head to the website on your PC, and sign into your account.

Step 2: Locate the content you aim to download, click on the ellipsis icon (...) positioned above the post, and opt for the Copy Link choice.

Save Instagram photos and videos

Step 3: Proceed to the website, insert the Instagram link you previously copied into the input box, and press the Download button.

Step 4: The Photo or Video you've decided to download will appear. Tap on the Download Photo or Download Video button situated under the photo or video, resulting in the file being saved to your device.

Through, you're empowered to download a broad spectrum of Instagram content (Videos, Photos, Reels, Story, IGTV). We pledge to continually enhance our service to ensure your experience is nothing short of optimal! Feel free to share this tool with your acquaintances and loved ones. We appreciate your support!

Our tool is purpose-built to facilitate the downloading of videos and images from your own account. Nevertheless, should it be misused to breach others' privacy or rights, we reserve the right to refuse the service.

To fully comprehend the terms of our service, we encourage you to read our Terms of Service >here<


What is Instagram Downloader?

Instagram Downloader is a utility that facilitates the download of Videos, Photos, Stories, Reels, and IGTV content from Instagram. It extends support for downloading any photos and videos from Instagram (also known as Insta) across a broad range of devices, including PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, and iPad.

How to download videos and photos on Instagram?

  • Step 1: Insert the Instagram URL into the provided input box and click on the Download button.
  • Step 2: The Photo or Video you wish to download will be displayed. Select the Download Photo or Download Video button located beneath the media content, and the file will be stored on your device.
  • ( is fully compatible with a wide array of devices, including PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.)

How to download Instagram videos and photos on iPhone, iPad?

For iPhone users, it's required to utilize the Safari browser on iOS 13 or download the Documents by Readdle app. Once done, visit → Insert the Instagram video link → Download. (Find detailed instructions here).

How to download Instagram photos and videos on Android phone?

Replicate the Instagram link → Head over to → Insert the copied Instagram link into the designated box → Initiate Download.

Can I download Instagram Story?

Absolutely, downloading any Instagram Story is possible. Click on the ellipsis (...) symbol located above the Story post, then select the Copy Link option → Insert the copied link into alltagz → Initiate Download.

Can I download videos and photos directly on Instagram?

Regrettably, Instagram does not provide an option for content download. However, you can visit the website and follow the guidelines to download any content from IG.

Do I have to pay to download Instagram videos and photos? is a complimentary Instagram downloader. It enables you to download all types of Instagram content (Videos, Photos, Reels, Story, IGTV) without any restrictions on features.

Where are Instagram videos and photos saved after downloading?

Kindly inspect the "Downloads" directory on your phone or the "download history" area of your web browser.